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I’ll be heading back tomorrow for a more detailed go-round with the various vendors, but today I stopped into the Acadia Laptop Showcase at the Fountain Commons in order to get a glimpse at what the various vendors have to offer. I’m not going to offer my own opinion in full detail (That’ll be for the Ath, it seems), but I will say this much: thanks to everyone who came out. The future of the Acadia Advantage is important to this university, and a student voice is integral. Too often I think students are left out of this process, so this is a great opportunity to test and see if these computers meet your needs.

Personally, I’ll disclose that if I return to Acadia next year I will be buying an Apple laptop – this was going to be the case before they were one of the potential vendors, and nothing I saw today really changed that fact. I heard a few rumblings here and there about the representative being a bit prickly, but in the end a fair number of students were gravitating towards the shiny boxes.

But let me pose a few questions about each model, in an attempt to gather some information and stir up some discussion.


  • What knowledge did you gain regarding operating a Windows environment through Boot Camp?
  • How much are you willing to spend for a MacBook?
  • Did you leave the table with a sense of the difference between the MacBook and the MacBook Pro? And compared to PCs?


  • Were you as put off as I was by the lack of pricing/specifications on the models?
  • Did you think the tablet PC was cool, or just a distraction from the rest of their presentation?
  • Is a Biometric thumb scanner SERIOUSLY a selling point for anyone?


  • How concerned were you about the specifications on the Toshiba laptops?
  • Is size an issue for you? (I don’t think Toshiba had a laptop under 15.4″)
  • Do you feel that these models were designed for student use?


  • Are you willing to pay $1500 for an upgraded version of the current Acadia laptop?
  • Are you interested in a high-end gaming rig, or was that not of any interest?
  • Do you feel wary about Dell in general based on the performance of the existing laptops?

If you want to take some time to answer any of these questions, or offer your own comments, feel free to post below! And if you haven’t yet visited the Laptop Showcase, it is on tomorrow (Wednesday) from 10am to 7pm.



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