So, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here, obviously due to the rather pervasive impact of the StrikeBlog. After that situation thankfully came to an end, I kind of missed the StrikeBlog – I still have to check it occasionally to delete the lesbian porn spam comments. Fortunately, there has been both a wealth of television to keep my blogging side busy at Cultural Learnings, but I’ve admittedly let this blog die down thanks to another element entirely: The Thesis.

Myles Files Thesis Report #1

November 17th, 2007

Today, I wrote 7 pages of my thesis. Woot.

This reflects the current thesis mode, really: after a month and a half of proposal hell (To summarize what my advisor has had to listen to for a good week and a half: proposals are annoying), I’ve finally sat down and actually started writing the Thesis. This is a positive step forward, and I am hoping that perhaps the Myles Files can help it become a pattern of behaviour.

See, we had a retired English professor come in and chat with us about writing a thesis, and he had some words to say about how we could work into a routine of sorts to keep up productivity. Considering that blogging is my answer to every problem facing me (Including heartburn, indigestion and upset stomach – but not diarrhea), it is unsurprising that I’d choose a blog as a way to keep me motivated.

So, each week I’ll stop in with the amount of pages I’ve completed and any general thoughts I have about the thesis. This could include a rant, a rave, or any other “r” word which may apply. More importantly, it might actually keep me accountable to keep working on and thinking about the thesis: I have some quirky ways I think through arguments, and I figure that blog form might not be the worst option in the world. So, let’s take a look at today’s Thesis progress and see how things are going.

Thesis Progress

Title: The Eternal Vigilence of the Literary Hero: The Omnipresence of Romantic Heroism from Malory to Battlestar

Number of Pages Written: 6 3/4

Deadline for 20-30 Pages: December 15th

Chapter Being Worked on: Chapter 3 – The Battlestar Galactica Chapter

Current Focus: Analyzing the Hero/Other binary, or more aptly its dismantling, within the early stages of the show’s second season.

Current Addiction: Explanatory Footnotes. They let me say geeky Battlestar things outside of the focus of the text itself, which shall prove infinitely helpful at keeping them out of the thesis entirely.

Sample Paragraph

[From the end of the introductory section of the chapter]

For the purpose of this thesis, there are two distinct developments which emerge from [the Cylon attack on Caprica] which are of great importance to understand the show’s roots in the romantic heroic tradition investigated for the past two chapters. These two elements share some basic similarities to the presentation of romantic heroism within Malory’s medieval text, but more importantly reflect the centuries which have passed since this tradition was established. The series’ definition of heroism is defined by a distinction between hero and otherness, but the two streams cross one another due to the physical appearance of, and human interactions with, the Cylon race. The quest narrative central to Battlestar Galactica emerges, similar to Malory’s grail quest, as one of the defining factors of heroism within the structure of the series; however, I will demonstrate that (unlike in Malory) heroism is capable of being defined outside of that structure. The binary between faith and reason is directly linked to this quest, but presents itself in a more definitively moderate perspective than Malory’s text; this being said, there are areas where the series also leans on this binary to define its heroic figures. This is the nature of the evolution of romantic heroism: while certain parts obviously change and adapt thanks to new technology and new ideas, as discussed in the previous chapter, there is a foundational quality which is difficult to ignore. And, while some may not yet realize it, Battlestar Galactica is built on this foundation.

[Please note that the above has not been copy-edited. At all. So, yeah.]