[Welcome to the Liveblogging of the October 10th Negotiations Update from the Myles Files. This meeting was called as a way to update students on the state of negotiations that started this morning between AUFA and Acadia University. If you couldn’t make it due to class, here’s the lowdown.]

3:53pm: And the Michener Lounge is slowly filling as the presentation is set to begin in only six minutes.

3:57pm: This location is great for a quick meeting of this size, but I worry that first year students will get lost on the way.

4:00pm: The main level of the SUB is empty, so a majority of people in the building are here. I’d say that’s a successful turnout, all things considered.

4:01pm: From Kyle Steele, the two sides went back to the table and talks did NOT break down today. This is good news, even considering the strike vote falling 75% in favour. Further information will be provided at http://www.theasu.com/strike.

4:02pm: The Plan of Action is the current big issue in terms of strike plans from the ASU. Erin Benner, VP Campus Life, will be providing non-academic events for students, while Colin Hoult (VP Academic) will be focusing on academic events for first year students.

4:03pm: Erin is working towards a comprehensive schedule in the case of a strike, featuring daytime and nighttime programming. The ASU is working with the RAs through the Department of Residence Life’s Scott Rausch to provide smaller programming initiatives, as well as bus trips to Halifax, coffee houses, and wet/dry wing nights. This will be supported through funding, as well as emergency funds put aside for such a purpose.

4:04pm: Colin is working with Academic Affairs Committees to organize study sessions for 1000-level courses that will include upper-year tutoring and other study options.

4:06pm: They mention the issue of the impending strike being entirely unpredictable. They can sign an agreement today, or hours before they are set to head to the picket lines. This means that we won’t know, for sure, for a period of time. There is also no guaranteed strike length, so this is not set in stone by any means.

4:07pm: A question is raised about a sympathy strike from Phys Plant and other services, but the ASU has heard nothing about it and will look into it.

4:08pm: A student rally is brought forward in terms of making the students “matter.” The ASU really needs to see how things move before that step is taken, and there should be some sort of a priority on emphasizing student investment in these affairs.

4:09pm: The ASU is also asked to discuss their issue-specific stance, as in their reaction to specific issues within a strike situation. This is about flexibility, and it allows them to make movements on certain issues while remaining neutral on the whole.

4:09pm: If there is a lockout, which is not currently the plan of the Administration, students will be informed. There is no resistance to students entering academic buildings from either side (Faculty and Administration). Erin also confirms that Athletics will be run in full detail.

4:10pm: Another confirmation – the library will remain open during a strike situation, important for off campus students specifically. Also, professors will be unable to use Acadia email accounts, so contact will be difficult.

4:11pm: And now, at the end of the most riveting liveblogging session of my life, the meeting comes to a close with some questions answers and clarifications made. You can check out more information on the ASU’s Strike Website.