The ASU, as if listening in on my earlier commentary, has revealed their plans for the next week in regards to the strike.

Information Meetings – 4pm on Wednesdays

Every Wednesday during this period, they will be holding an information session at 4pm in the Main Level of the SUB for students who want to learn more about the situation. This is a way that, on a non-electronic level, they will be informing students.

They also have some information on a strike website being set up (Stay tuned for more on that), as well as some frequently asked questions, including some of those I posed earlier today.

You can read The ASU’s full post at the link, but here’s an excerpt as well. – Negotiations Update/FAQ

Will there be a strike? A deal can be signed at anytime, including the night before a strike. This has happened in the past at Acadia and elsewhere. Until the morning of the 15th, nothing is for sure.

How long will a strike last for? If there is a strike, it is impossible to tell how long it would last. Traditionally (Acadia and elsewhere), strikes have not lasted for more than two weeks.

Should I go home? The ASU recommends only those who are able to return to campus within 24 hours go home if they wish. Those who would require planes, etc, to be able to go home are advised to stay on campus, as a strike can end suddenly.