2. The Frosh Photo

I have a thing for photographs, as every single RA and NSO is aware of thanks to my incessant photo taking during our training sessions. So, it is perhaps unsurprising that I have a special place in my heart for this particular aspect of Welcome Week. While the weather forecast for tomorrow (Showers) might bring bad tidings for moving day, I’m much happier to report that Sunday is looking a-ok. And this mean that the Frosh Photo, my 2nd favourite part of Welcome Week, should be taken under sunny skies.

My love for the Frosh Photo derives not just from my love of photography, but moreso for my enjoyment of the purpose of that photography. The Frosh Photo is designed to be a keepsake, something that you can purchase once the local photography studio gets it all nice and prettied up. However, more than that, the event itself creates memories and can bring them back at any time.

Looking at my own Frosh Photo (Which I did recently), I can think back to the other frosh in Eaton/Christofor and their own crazy antics and cool frosh names. I start to remember who I was standing by, what was going on, and what we were chanting to various residences at the time.

As has been announced, the university is setting up a Photo Contest where new (and old) students can submit their own photos from the week’s activities. The whole point of this is to be able to remember: to create something that will represent your experience during Welcome Week (For more information, click here or send off an email to welcomeweek2007 @ gmail.com).

Those shots will provide snapshots of you and your new friends, maybe you and your old friends, but the Frosh Photo is definitive. It’s all of the frosh, all of the cheering, all of the coloured shirts, and all of the pride in your residences coming together.

On Sunday afternoon, I want every single one of you to be at the Frosh Photo. While it may seem very simple, it is actually both a huge undertaking and an especially rewarding one. Even if you don’t buy a copy of the picture for yourself, it will always be there to represent your first days at Acadia. When you graduate, that Frosh Photo will be in your Yearbook, reminding you how innocent, naive and wholesome (Or, less satirically, simple at an earlier stage in growth) you were before you arrived.

I guess I like to view the Frosh Photo as a last moment of innocence: people cheering, people waving flags, and people representing themselves. It will be hard to recapture that spirit and energy, so having it documented in the form of the Frosh Photo is without a doubt a fantastic thing.

I’ll be there capturing it all: I do hope you’ll be there as well.