3. Eating at Meal Hall

Admittedly, Wheelock Dining Hall and I don’t get along all that well. It isn’t the quality of the food, or the staff, or anything like that: I am just extremely picky, and can eat only so many deliciously greasy grilled cheese each week. However, even I as someone unsuited to the meal hall lifestyle, know that eating there during Welcome Week is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Since you travel as a rather humongous mob with your respective house during Welcome Week, meal time is one of those awe-inspiring experiences. It’s not often you are part of a group of fifty or more people wearing identical T-Shirts, and it’s also not often that you have to navigate the crowded lines to grab your grub in such a group.

Meal Hall is so great during Frosh Week because it gives you a chance to sit and talk with your fellow frosh, as well as your RAs and Welcome Week leaders. There is a tremendous amount of times when everything seems choreographed and organized, but meal hall is just one big rush. You sit down next to whoever fights into the chair next to you, start eating, and with your mouth full you will eventually enter into a conversation.

And sometimes those conversations are life-changing: Andrew and Colin are in the small photo above, sitting next to one another…and now they’re bros! Welcome Week is a great way to meet friends, and Meal Hall is definitely a place where that happens.

And this year, Meal Hall is going to be even more impressive thanks to the new seating brought in over the summer break. There’s nicer chairs, some nicer tables, and even some new meal options that should be exciting as we move forward. Meal hall will never be perfect, but during Welcome Week it is a space that is hectic, crowded, and probably pretty darn hot…and yet I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So enjoy the new renovations, ask your RAs for more information on the meal plans and everything else when you arrive, and look past the overwhelming buffet selection and realize the other benefits to heading to Wheelock during Frosh Week.