4. The Acadia Students’ Union

Now, I want to make something clear: the ASU and its Awesome Events are by no means only the fourth most important aspect of Welcome Week. However, in order to give new students time to consider the purchase of a frosh pack, it seemed advantageous to post this today. It’s only four days until everyone descends onto Acadia, and the ASU events are definitely a highlight for frosh each and every year.

Admittedly, I didn’t go to many ASU Events in my first year, but this was a mistake on my part, and since that point I’ve always made sure to encourage new students to experience these events. They’re a great chance to meet other frosh, have a great time, and enjoy some fantastic entertainment. Let’s take a look at how the ASU Events stack up this year, as organized by the lovely Ms. Erin Benner who is the VP Campus Life for the union.

NOTE: Tickets to all events can be guaranteed by purchasing a Frosh Pack from the ASU. For more information, click the link below.


Sunday September 2nd

Stoplight Mardi Gras Party (Axe Lounge)

The basic premise of the stoplight party is that single people wear green, attached people wear red, and yellow…well, that would be really confusing of you, so don’t do that. Either way, it’s a chance to meet new people in a fun, party environment.

Monday September 3rd

To Be Announced (McKeen Room)

Sure, it’s TBA. But that just makes it more awesome.

Wednesday September 5th

Hypnotist [XXX] and Comedians (MacKeen Room)

The hypnotist is a great opportunity for self-embarrassment, watching friends make fools of themselves, and having a whole lot of laughs at the same time. While the other events might be about meeting people, this event is about learning things about people that you likely never wanted to know: like what it’s like to see a man hump a chair.

Friday September 7th

SuperSub featuring Big Fish
I’m not going to lie: I am personally not a fan of the SUB as a music venue, at all. However, as former ASU Executive Jenn Wilson explained, the joy of SuperSUB is that there is something for everyone. Big Fish (A Maritimes-themed band with some good stuff) will be playing in the Axe Lounge, but all sorts of other acts will be set up all throughout the Sub.

Saturday September 8th

The Frosh Banquet and the Frosh Formal (SUB)

This is one of those events that everyone should really be attending. Girls should bring a nicer dress or other form of formal attire, Guys should bring dress pants and a dress shirt, and everyone should prepare for a really classy evening that should be enjoyable for all.

However, it is important to point out that the ASU’s role doesn’t just stop there. Also on Saturday (September 8th), the ASU organizes Shinerama, a Canada-wide fundraiser for Cystic Fybrosis. You can find more information about the event at the Facebook group, and at the Shinerama website. It’s a great time that your NSOs and RAs will have more information about.

But, more importantly (And Colin, the ASU’s VP Academic asked me to mention this), the ASU also represents YOUR student government. Each year, the Student Representative Council (The Student Government at Acadia) elects a Frosh rep, which means that one of you will sit on the SRC and be a part of these processes.

TheASU.com – Student Representative Council

Frosh Week, therefore, offers you a great opportunity to meet the people who might be potentially voting you into office. Engaging the activities, like Shinerama, is a great way to show your desire to make Acadia a better place, and getting to know the ASU Executive and all of the frosh is definitely part of that.

So go to the ASU Events, make yourself known, and who knows: maybe you’ll be on the ASU Executive come next year.