6. Frosh Names

When the time comes for you to be assigned a frosh name, you might be dreading the experience. A frosh name can absolutely stick with you for four years, and sometimes they are…less than pleasant. However, not only are frosh names optional in the end, but they are also a whole lot of fun. Frosh names can provide a whole host of fun activities, and some great entertainment for those who get to watch others step outside of their comfort zone.

But Frosh names can be both physical and, in other ways, spiritual. Eaton and Christofor, for example, have a tradition of naming both an Eaton and Christofor Pride (Being presented to Colin above), who are in charge of running chants and representing the two residences’ pride in their buildings.

Cutten (Now Tower, of course), had one of the most memorable frosh names last year: the poor young man who was asked to wear a child’s unicorn costume, effectively becoming “Unicorn Boy.” However, he wasn’t ridiculed, but rather loved and known by all. It might have been Pony Boy, or Unicorn Boy, but the reality is that he was known. And he made for some great pictures.

Most residences also have a Pick Up Frosh, a guy or girl who travels around to various campus members and other students and asks for their phone numbers. Pictured is Seminary’s Pick Up Frosh from last year, who got completely rejected by this football player. It was a great, if tragic, moment.

And there is a whole host of other frosh names. If you want to be active in frosh week and have some fun, and you’re willing to try out new things, volunteer when an early frosh name is offered up. If you are a little bit more uncomfortable about it, don’t worry: most of the time you can sit back and enjoy things, or even request a name that will require less action or lack of comfort.

But years after frosh week, you might well remember your frosh name for all of time (If you keep your Frosh shirt, it will still be on there. And Alex is doubting this, claiming it as hyperbolic, but I stand by my blanket statement). I still remember my frosh experience: I was the Croc to the Croc Hunter. I went around opening and closing my jaws, and then the Croc Hunter would hunt me. And then tackle me.

And it was fun, it was memorable, and it was a fine introduction to the situation at hand. I won’t lie to you: some of them are better than others. But the Frosh Names tradition is something that you will always remember, and something that will bring much joy during your first week at Acadia. And maybe for months afterwards.