7. Mock Olympics [Monday]

Greetings LIVE from Wheelock Dining Hall. As Alex scarfs down his mini-wheats (He asked if I was live-blogging his lunch, so there’s some live-blogging), I am going to take this short break in RA Training to let all of you know about what is by far one of the most memorable aspects of Welcome Week: Mock Olympics.

The actual Olympics portion of the event is something that, understandably, is kind of lame. The games are too simple, the structure is non-existent, and they insist on banning cheating even when it’s the only way to make it fun. Mind you, we cheat anyways, so they’re still worth a laugh. However, the reality is that Mock Olympics ends with the most spirited moment in the entire week: a giant cheer off extravaganza.

Some people, like Sondra (Sitting to my left commenting as such), don’t go to Mock Olympics, tired due to the end of the Welcome Week period and hoping to avoid physical activity of a strenuous nature. However, what you would miss would be an exciting period of enthusiastic yelling, dancing, screaming, cheering, and just about everything else.

Each residence organizes a cheer that becomes a song and dance routine, or a giant yelling session, or a series of cheer-like objects designed to organize their supremacy (Okay, this is taking a while, the football team is introducing their rookies through some enjoyable singing incidents that are distracting me. They’ll be up on Facebook later.).

Having now relocated to the empty Fountain Commons, I can finally get around to showing you some pictures and highlights of the various residences. For more images of Mock Olympics (Mostly from the Eaton/Christofor perspective), you can check out this Facebook album. This is something you will want to experience, and something that will cap off the work done over the weekend in turning you into mindless cheering machines.

And you’ll want to be a part of it.

[Here, Cutten parades the banners they liberated from other residences into the gym]

[Seminary arrives, yelling of course.]

[Barrax is big on the giant circle of huffing and the like.]