#9 – Frosh Leaders

I talked a few days ago about RAs, and how they often face a tougher road thanks to being “the fuzz.” NSO or Frosh leaders, on the other hand, do not face such a stigma: instead, they are there are your fellow peers, designed to welcome students without also having to enforce rules or anything of the like. However, despite this, I would actually argue that they hold almost as much, if not more, responsibility during Welcome Week.

Welcome Week is an extremely hectic time, and frosh leaders are basically the only thing holding it together. They’re the ones who wake up the new students, who chauffeur them to events, and who give up a week of their summer to train and be part of your experience. Many of them also continue to play a role in residence life as members of house council in the year to follow.

Their largest role is probably helping new students move into residence, one that cannot be overstated. When you arrive at Acadia, often with a van load of stuff, you might have you and your parents to move it in. If this was all there was, it would take a full day to get everyone loaded in, especially if there are only small parking lots (Which, yeah, is the case with Eaton/Christofor, as an example).

But you might never have to lift a finger, thanks to frosh leaders. You park your car in the parking lot and, unless there’s only a small number of leaders, a veritable army will attack your car and start asking which room you’re headed to. Then, like an organized army, they start hauling clothes and TVs and fridges into the elevator, into your room, and you and your parents can start packing, get your Frosh shirt, and get set for the weekend to follow.

And really, like the RAs, Frosh Leaders are there to make that transition easier. But, more than that, Frosh leaders are great people who are there to motivate and encourage. When it comes time for cheering, or anything of that nature, they will be the ones building pride in your residence and its traditions.

While RAs are there to enforce rules, Welcome Week leaders are there to infuse history, and spirit, and all of those other fun things. And while there is certainly place for both, I’d say that the Frosh Leaders are perhaps the more memorable from a Welcome Week perspective. Interacting with them will, without a doubt, be a highlight of your first four days at Acadia.