#10 – Academic Orientation

On Tuesday afternoon (Which I will get to later), you will be asked to attend a series of meetings that might seem boring in theory. Academic Orientation is a series of presentations from the various faculties (Prof. Studies, Arts, Sciences) that are designed to initiate you on what’s expected of you, and they are an integral part of your Welcome Week experience.

The reason for this is simple: classes are only a day away at that point, and you obviously have questions about the transition between high school and university. While settling into residence and meeting new people are important, at least part of your mind will be occupied with either worry or dread about what the following day’s classes will bring.

Academic Orientation takes the form of first three large presentations by the Dean of your respective faculty as well as some key basics. Then, afterwards, each group breaks off into your majors or focuses, which allows you a more personal retrospective.

If you’re in Arts, you might worry about writing papers, or mid-terms, or what’s expected of you as part of the Arts core (Last year, as shown in the title picture, Dr. Duke gave a great talk on interacting with professors at the Arts session). When you go into Academic Orientation, you will receive information on all of these things from the professors and department heads who are in charge of your future. You can talk about plagiarism, managing your time, or buying books. Profs are a great resource for such info.

In Science, you might be wondering about lab work, exams, testing, the new Biology building being completed, or any other subject. And your professors will, without fail, be able to answer those questions. In Professional Studies, you might have questions about the business programs or perhaps about changing your major: they will be more than happy to answer general questions, or set up meetings for you later.

And, did I mention that you get to have a nice BBQ lunch with your faculty right before? So a great chance to meet and mingle with students who will, more than likely, be in your classes.

While Welcome Week involves a lot of fun in the beginning, by Tuesday you’re starting to focus on your academic future. And, on Tuesday afternoon, Welcome Week is designed to prepare you to enter into that scary world of five classes a week with as much ease as physically possible. Here’s some links that might answer some of your questions ahead of time, or maybe give you some questions to ask!

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Professional Studies

Faculty of Pure and Applied Science