#11 – Residence Time

Admittedly, I had planned to write this particular piece today on my schedule, but wasn’t really thinking how apt it would be. I am now firmly entrenched on campus, and am lucky to have a lot of residence time on my hands: posters don’t hang themselves, and my floor is still somewhat of a disaster area at the moment.

And new students will, without a doubt, find themselves in the same position in just a few weeks. Unless you’ve got extremely nice parents (Like my own, clearly [/sucking up]) who are willing to organize all of your stuff for you, you’ll be too caught up in Welcome Week craziness to be able to really sit down and consider your room. This particular problem is solved by Residence Time, one of the most important parts of the Welcome Week schedule.

Not only does it give you time to unpack or reorganize your room (Unless you’re in Chipman, where everything is nailed to the walls), but it also gives you time to meet your neighbours, your RA, and get an idea about how your environment will sort out for the rest of the year.

You’re also going to want a break: those first few days are extremely hectic, and the idea of being able to sit down and spend some time with your newly acquired laptop (Depending on what session you booked) feels especially nice after a while.

It might be a week before your room really gets settled: you might put some sheets on your bed, some clothes in your armoire, and maybe set up your desk…but, in the end, chances are you’re going to be out enjoying your university experience. And, when it comes time to head back to residence as mandated by the schedule, you’re going to heave a sigh of relief.

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