This evening, I will be returning to Wolfville in preparation to begin my RA Training. This will be my second year as an RA, and last year was my first time experiencing the Welcome Week experience from the perspective of “the fuzz.” New Student Orientation leaders get to have all the fun: they’re peers, and at no point in the near future will have to enact all sorts of rules that cut down on the usual equivalent to fun from a university student’s perspective.

But RAs are there to guide your experience during Welcome Week as much as NSO leaders, and I think that the relations between them is one of the most important parts of the experience. Getting to know your RA not only makes life somewhat easier, but it also gives you a chance to gain some new and important information.

There has always been an argument as to what RA stands for. Some say Residence Assistant, others say Resident Advisor. In the end, it doesn’t matter how you combine these terms, the basic principle remains: they are there to assist, advice, and help residents. As a result, it is up to new students especially to embrace this fact.

Welcome Week is a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know your RA, and ask them any questions you might have. Heck, technically now (weeks before frosh arrive) is a great chance to use Facebook to chat with your RA and get an idea of the year ahead. A good relationship with your RA won’t put you above the law, but it will allow for a better environment in which you can begin your university experience.

This year, since I’m and RA in Roy Jodrey Hall, I won’t be having Frosh in my building. In my view, this is a crushing disappointment, as I’ll miss that interaction on a regular basis. However, as part of West College, I will certainly be out and about interacting with Frosh…which is kind of what I’m doing now. Sort of. So, yeah. Do that.