#14 – Special Interest Groups

Two years ago, the Special Interest Group was introduced as part of Acadia’s Welcome Week, and I must admit I was excited. Mondays have always been a tough day, since the returning students are moving in and having all of the Frosh in residence would make that somewhat more difficult. So, the university has always had to search for a way to get students out of residence during that period of time.

In my frosh year, it was an epic frosh scavenger hunt that had us traipsing around Wolfville. This was fun, and showed us parts of Wolfville, but it was a bit too random and unorganized. Special Interest Groups, on the other hand, provides a bridge for first year students into one of the university’s most rewarding qualities: extra-curricular clubs and activities.

There is a whole slew of great clubs and socities on campus, and one of the biggest challenges they face is making new students aware of this fact. Special Interest Groups are a fantastic opportunity for students to experience some of the diverse opportunities available with their peers in breezy sessions that are a welcome break from the non-stop activity of the previous days.

This year, new students are able to sign up for these sessions online, which is a huge advantage: in past years, it was just a mad rush to sign up on a random sheet of paper, and there just wasn’t enough thought put into the process. All frosh should be looking at these groups and seeing if anything interests them. It’s a great chance to experience a different part of the university, meet some great people, and maybe find yourself a new interest for the years to come.

For more information on the Special Interest Groups, you can visit Acadia’s Welcome Week Website. There is sadly not information up for many of them, but hopefully that changes when more information comes in over the coming weeks. It might seem like something simple and small, but it’s a great opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up.