Life is hectic at the moment, with many projects on the go and the fact that I’m…well, I’ll get to that in a second. This new feature, “Myles is…”, is just another complicated way for me to talk about myself. Just so we’re clear.

Myles is…

Returning to Acadia on Monday

That’s right: Monday evening, I’ll officially be relocating back to Acadia. This is relatively exciting for me, but for the blog it is certainly going to mean some transition time.

Officially No Longer a Hoser

I’ll be explaining in this weekend’s blog post just what I did all summer, (in pictures!), but for now I will say that as of this morning I am officially no longer an employee of the Nova Scotia Department of Transportation.

Finally Going to Announce a Caption Winner

On Sunday, a full sixteen days after the contest started, I will get around to picking a winner for the caption contest over the weekend. There has been some resistance from one of its subjects (Guess who?), but I’ll be out to dinner with both of them this evening and plan on forcing it upon them. Stay tuned.

Going to LiveBlog High School Musical 2 Tonight

I won’t lie: I have an appreciation for all things musical, and a majority of the Disney Channel’s programming…in small doses. So, out of mostly sheer curiosity that, even as an “HSM Virgin” (That sounds so dirty), I’ll be sitting down and LiveBlogging High School Musical 2 at Cultural Learnings tonight. So if you’re looking for a dose of snark for the evening, you might want to check it out.