[First off, computer update: a discoloured patch in my LCD on the lower right corner, but the laptop is in working order at the moment after a detour to Wolfville. So thanks, USC! And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.]

Settle It! is a new feature here at The Myles Files, because it’s a chance for you to enter either an internal debate or an argument I had with someone in particular. In this case, you (Yes, you!) get to enter a debate between the brothers McNutt.

The Question: When it comes to posting pictures on Facebook, do you:

a) Immediately place commentary on the photos or…

b) Post all pictures sooner so people can be tagged and memories cherished.

Myles’ Side

I’m with B on this one. I think that when you take a lot of pictures of a trip, one of the best (or worst, depending on one’s behaviour) parts is getting home and seeing what has gone up on Facebook. As a result, it’s good to add photos in bulk first, so that people can see themselves tagged and they can add comments of their own and relive some memories. For me, they come first.

The Elder’s Side

The Elder, meanwhile, purports that without descriptive commentary the photos are useless to the hundreds of Facebook users who weren’t on the trip but would like to read the events. So, in other words, he’s on the side of A. And that,  really, I was being inconsiderate to those people. Mainly, you know, him.

So, where do you sit on this particular issue? Do you even bother putting commentary with your photos? Is there some sort of etiquette we should be following? I posted a number of albums, and delayed the commentary briefly to get more out there. All albums now have commentary, and you can check them out here.

You’ve heard the details, now…

Settle It!