Hammonds Plains, NS – Under clear skies at the Greenhill Tennis Facility in Highland Park, the battle of the McNutts reached its anti-climactic end after a mere forty minutes, in which Myles McNutt dominated Ryan McNutt to take their Best-of-Five match in straight sets (6-0, 6-1, 6-1).

While Ryan was out of practice and didn’t quite have home court advantage, the game was still mostly a display for Myles’ growing skills.

“I’ve only been playing for a week, now,” Myles said in a post-match interview, “but I’m starting to feel more comfortable with my serves and my returns. It’s good to have a real game under my belt for when I return to Acadia to face stiffer competition.”

Ryan, meanwhile, could only lament his loss, commenting that he was certainly going to be sore in the morning. While this may be the case, he doesn’t go home empty-handed: he performed some strong shots, and certainly kept up with Myles in the game. He plans to try to test out his newly honed skills at a court nearer to his home in the future.

Myles, meanwhile, heads to Acadia in about a week, and there he hopes to find new competition.

“I’ve got two rackets, four balls and a desire to play more tennis. Anyone who is interested, you’ll know where to find me.” Sounds like a challenge to this reporter! Will anyone take him up on his challenge? Well, we’ll find out soon.