[Do you know what’s fun? Numbers. They surround his every day, they add up to other numbers, and some of them are indivisible by anything but one and themselves! Isn’t that Ka-RAZY?! Anywho, here’s the numbers currently dominating my life.]

Number of Days of Work Remaining

Seven. Three this week, and then four next. Yay.

Number of Days Until Returning to Wolfville

11-14 Days, give or take. It’s still up in the air.

Yesterdays 18-Hole Golf Score

124. My mother asked me if this round was good for me, which is an impossible question to answer: I have no standards, I don’t golf enough to have them, so I really can’t say. I did, however, beat my father by a stroke. Take that!

SPF of Sunscreen placed on My Legs while Golfing Yesterday

0, which was hideously not smart of me. I clearly haven’t been outside enough this summer if I never had my legs burn, but I honestly didn’t even consider it, and I don’t know why. They’re currently a tad bit sensitive, which should make for an uncomfortable if shortened week. I hope, however, that they’ll be in decent shape by the time I head to…

Number of Days Until Going to Keji

Three, which seems like a small number. As it is, I’ll only be spending two nights and have to get a ride home on Sunday specifically by myself, but Keji is worth it. It’s Keji. ‘Nuff Said.

Number of Online Mario Strikers: Charged Games Won

I believe the number to now be 12, which I consider to be a fairly decent total considering that I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it. However, on the competition with family front, the Elder is destroying me.

Current Plus/Minus Tennis Balls Status

+1, based on a starting number of 3. We picked up an extra ball at the courts on Saturday, so we’re currently in good shape. How many will be lost in future weeks, however, remains to be seen.

Total Page Views for The Myles Files

Over 1,000! This milestone has come after about a month of running the blog, which I think is pretty good. Hope everyone is enjoying it.