So, the lovely Ms. Suzanne McNeil gave me a great idea for a contest of sorts for The Myles Files, so all credit goes to her. I figure it’s about time I started giving some incentive to read the blog, and now seems like as good a time as ever.

So, here’s the first ever Myles Files “Caption This Picture” Contest!

Caption Me!

Context: This picture of Ryan “The Elder” McNutt and his girlfriend (The aforementioned Ms. McNeil) was taken at my cousin Paul’s wedding.

Caption Options: It’s entirely up to you – put words into either of their mouths, describe their actions, go nuts.

The Prize

Okay, so admittedly I don’t have an actual prize for you. However, if you live in bizarro land, you might find this just as valuable as a tangible object.

If you write the best caption out of all of the captions (There might not be very many), you get the ability to choose the topic of a post at my TV blog, Cultural Learnings. This means you can make me write pretty well whatever you want, within limits of course. If your goal in life has been to gain power over me in some form, here’s your chance!

I’m placing the deadline as Midnight on Sunday (That’s Monday Morning, technically), Atlantic time. Happy captioning, everyone!