This will be brief: I’m on this restaurant’s wireless connection while we stopped for a quick breakfast to plan counts out on the road. There’s a few things I want to get to immediately.

The Longest Goodbye

Okay, so any fellow RAs would have gotten the email from new Director of Residence Life Scott Rausch which informed us non-SRAs that our return date has been pushed back a week to August 24th. On the one hand, this has all sorts of benefits: I can work another four days, I don’t have to do as much training, etc. I should really be very happy about this.

Except that, well, I was ready to go back. I had mentally prepared myself to return to Wolfville in just two weeks, and entirely prepared to not be working that week. I’ve been in the Valley with work a few days recently, and I think I’m basically already there in my mind. While part of me should really be dreading what September will bring (Thesis, courses, planning, etc.), I’m more or less entirely prepared for this summer to be over.

I’m sure I’ll survive. Maybe.

I Want to Ride My Bicycle…

Currently dealing with some bike repairs that are most concerning. My bike only gets ridden about once a year, at Keji, so it isn’t in too bad shape in a majority of ways. However, one of those ways appears to be the drivetrain basically falling apart. This was experienced last year at Keji where I was useless not just due to out of shapeness, but also thanks to the inability to stay in gear. Being unable to rely on gear shifting basically made the entire experience an exercise in futility.

The bike is now at Sports Wheels being serviced, and they expect that if a full drivetrain is necessary it would be about $100 for it. I find it silly to spend $100 on a seven-year old bike, but at the same time don’t want to shell out over twice that for a new one. And so we have the dilemma. I am heading to Keji next weekend (Woot), and therefore hope it shall be fixed in due time. Plus I should really, you know, start driving it to prepare for the torture that will follow.

Good Intentions

A special shout-out to my father, my least favourite person to drive with. Going through driving lessons with someone, I’m convinced, turns them into a maligned individual who becomes unpleasant by default to deal with as a passenger. As a result, I basically hate driving while my father sits in the passenger seat, it brings up terrible memories and there’s association and all of those things.

And my father, he really did try last night. He decided that instead of actively pointing out my mistakes, he would instead ask questions and wait for me to point out what I did wrong. The first time he did so I was not fooled, but I did break a “rule” so that’s okay. However, he then proceeded to pull it out again when I was accelerating up a hill and going 110 instead of 100.

“Do you know what the speed limit is here?” he asked, pretending that either I didn’t know or he didn’t know.

As I basically flipped out on him (Like I said, bad associative memories), he claimed that he was just wondering if I knew. Of course, he had asked this question while glancing at the speedometer. Busted. Me, however, not that busted. My driving skills have improved immeasurably this summer, and he even said as much. So take that…cars. Yeah…