At 7:30 last night, our neighbourhood lost power for what appears to have been maintenance of some sort. I found this out when my internet died, and my laptop screen went dull, and when my light wouldn’t work. I spent some time staring at my clock wondering why it wasn’t on, and then kept working offline until Cody came up to bug me to go out. I headed outside, chatted with the rents and the neighbours, and then came back inside at about 8:10pm. This is my entire thought process as soon as I entered the house.

“I’ll just go online and…oh, right, I can’t go online. Darn then…well, I guess I could play some Resident Evil, I haven’t…oh wait, my TV isn’t magically powered by pixies. Well, I could always transfer those files from my old external drive to my new one and…oh wait, hard drives don’t have magical power supplies either.”

I was at a standstill. No, seriously: I stood still in my room and searched across the perimeter. It was getting a bit too dark for a book (Well, not really, that’s just my excuse), so my eyes kept going. And then, it came from the heavens:

What’s that on my dresser? Could it be, it’s…

It was my Nintendo DS Lite handheld video game platform, of course, complete with my newly purchased copy of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice for All! Why, a power outage is the perfect time for me to continue exonerating my client, Maya Fey, from the murder of a sketchy doctor. In the 45 minutes that followed, I proceeded to break down witnesses, discover key witnesses, and am now ready to strike as soon as I return to the trial.

But still, it was a close call. Without the joys of handheld video gaming, I don’t know if I could have survived that terrible hour and a half. So, thank you Nintendo, for saving my life as I know it. I’ll give you more of my money tomorrow, k?