On the way home from Acadia in April, my Mother and I were discussing how she had wished to, at some point, take a trip to Europe. She proceeded to inform me that she had reconsidered her initial cruise thoughts, and thought that we should instead travel without the torturous days at sea. I did a double take at a certain portion of this sentence: mainly the “we.”

It appeared that what I had assumed as a parental getaway was in fact going to be our first real family vacation in seven years. My parents have been to California, on a Caribbean Cruise (Which is a story in itself) and to Las Vegas since 2000, and the Elder and I have been decidedly left out. Sure, we’ve traveled to debating tournaments across the country, but as a family unit we’ve been wholly vacation-less.

But it appears this is going to change: after my parents began to hear of other people vacationing abroad, and after they decided that life is too short for procrastination, I was informed yesterday that I should start researching. And, well, this is clearly my idea of research: blogging about it.

And thus I introduce File #4 here on The Myles Files: The McNutts Do Europe. Over the next year or so (A date has not been set, but May of 2008 is the likely target), I’ll be posting about our plans and, more importantly, asking for some assistance. Because YOU (Yes, you) might be our greatest source of research.

In my view, there is nothing on a website or in a travel book that could properly inform us as to what to see or do in an entire continent. There are hidden treasures, personal places of interest, and a whole host of other stories you might be able to share that I am far more interested in than what some website has to say.

So, as the months progress, I will be asking for your stories and suggestions about what to see and where to go in the continent. We have some basic ideas, but I think that brainstorming with you seems like the best option by far. I’ll be posting individual posts for each of our family members with our interests and other info so you know what kind of things we’re looking for, and we’ll be creating a trip out of all of it.

So, stay tuned as the McNutts prepare to cross the Atlantic for the first time. And if you have any initial suggestions on where to go or what funny hats I should use in future photoshops, please feel free to comment below.