While I was taking pictures at a family gathering this past weekend, I did not realize that a momentous event took place. I have had my digital camera since April of last year, so for about 15 months now. And, yesterday, that camera took its 10,000th photo.


This shot of my cousin Amanda exiting a kayak is that photo. With no offense to Amanda, it isn’t perhaps as memorable a photo as I could have imagined, but it is nonetheless a momentous event.

Of course, it’s not ACTUALLY my 10,000th photo taken. There were those photos deleted, those files transferred under a different non-generic name. However, as far as my camera is concerned, I’m starting over: the four-digit code has run out, and now it’s back to 0001. Or, since I took another 259 pictures, back to 0259.

Here’s to 10,000 more!