So with the rents off in Nevada, I’m in charge of the pets. In this case, this usually means Cody (The Dog) and Zoe (The Cat). However, it is important to note that I have a 3rd pet: His name is Jimmy, and he is a spider.

I sadly don’t have my camera, so I am unable to take pictures, but Jimmy and I have been spending some quality time together. You see, I went out the door one night and saw that there was a rather large spider on a nice looking web on our veranda. I decided to let him continue spinning his web, seeing how far he could go.

I am happy to report that Jimmy’s web now spans basically the entire distance between our door and the edge of the verandah, creating a veritable net for passing flies. The spider is especially happy when I turn on the porch light at night and he captures a majority of his prey.

I do hope that nothing happens to Jimmy’s web when it rains later this week: I would hate to see all of his hard work go to waste. That would ruin the relatively good mood I am currently in.