Okay, so I promised myself at some point (I don’t remember when it was, and I don’t think there’s any record of it, so you can’t prove anything) that I wouldn’t just talk about my life. I don’t know why I would say this, it sounds nothing like me, but regardless I think that was my intention. However, yesterday was like the greatest day of the summer thus far for a variety of reasons. And I would like to share them with you.

Reason #1 – Uber Hours

Thanks to a malfunctioning vehicle and there actually being a fair amount of work to do, I garnered 11 1/2 hours of work yesterday. This puts me considerably ahead of the curve, which is very positive indeed.

Reason #2 – Lemon-Lime Popsicles

They’re awesome. I haven’t had one in forever, but we stopped in Tatamagouche and they were fantastic. They’re also basically just sugar, but still: so awesome.

Reason #3 – Like a Rolling Stone

Okay, so here’s where things get more complicated (But clearly not better than popsicles). I got home at like 5:30, and of course went right for my computer. In the process of this surfing time, I went onto my Flickr account to see whether or not anyone had viewed my photos (The Elder had linked to them through his blog, as had I). And I was just kind of absent-mindedly looking around the page when I saw that I had messages in my inbox. True story: I didn’t even know I had a Flickr mailbox. So I decide to clickr on the first message, which has an understandable title: “White Stripes”. Oh, okay, someone liked my White Stripes pictures. Cool. *Click*

This is what came up:

Hey Memles,

Your photo of Jack and Meg with the Nova Scotian flag is gorgeous.
I’d love to run it along side our live review in our blog today.

Let me know if you’d be interested. I would credit your name and link to a website, flickr, or blog of your choice.


I thought: “whoa, who is this guy?” And then I read the email address he gave at the bottom of the screen.


At this point I basically flipped out.

Apparently, through Flickr, John had stumbled upon my photos. I don’t know if this was through the Elder’s blog, or through Flickr itself (I had tagged the photos with “The White Stripes” without really thinking about people finding them). I started to reply to his comment and saw its timestamp: 9:20am PDT. That was, by my watch, six hours before I got the message. I feared that, yet again, I was too late; I could have been quoted in a Canadian Press article back in February if it wasn’t for a similar tardiness in responding. I sent off a Flickr message, and then an email, and decided to let it be for a while.

That while last about 15 minutes before I ran back to my email…and there was a response! John emailed me back asking for some final pieces of information, and told me that he’d send me a link as soon as it went up. I sent off the information, and then realized that my photo (taken with my hand raised above my head and with a single hand) might actually grace the pages of Rolling Stone’s daily music blog. There was something really empowering about that: that something I did is representative of an event, of a person or group of people. As far as the internet would be concerned, I captured the definitive image of the White Stripes’ Canadian tour, culminating in the show at Glace Bay.

And I think that’s pretty frakkin’ cool.

EDIT: Well, okay, so my picture sadly didn’t magically make it onto yesterday’s blog post. It did, however, join all sorts of other pictures of their tour submitted by others (Including Dawn Sloane, a Halifax Councillor). You can check out the entire gallery here, but here’s the link to my photo directly.

The White Stripes’ Canadian Adventure – Photo #8 – Me!

Reason #4 – Louise Morse Warne

I’m going to blog about this some more tomorrrow. But let me just say: thank you, Ms. Warne, for passing your legacy onto myself and others who walk in your footsteps. Because, well, you totally made my day yesterday. And I thank you for that.