My name is Myles, and I have a problem: I buy a lot of DVDs. It’s a bit of an illness, really, because they’re just becoming so cheap these days. We live in an age where entire seasons of television are only $20, and when newish movies can be purchased for $10 previously viewed at Blockbuster. But the real problem is actually finding time to watch them, especially when I keep buying more. So, in an attempt to get me motivated (Insert “Motivate your Thesis, you clout” here), I’m going to make an inventory of what I have on the go. Maybe, someday, I’ll actually finish them.

Priority 1 – Wonderfalls (The Complete Series)

Haven’t heard of it? A midseason replacement at FOX, Wonderfalls was pulled from the air but had all 13 episodes in the can. The result was a DVD success, and some brilliant work from creator Bryan Fuller and Executive Producer Tim Minear. The show is witty, charming, and deserved much better. I’m a little bit hooked on it at the moment, and it’s taken over my DVD player.

Status: Three episodes in, commentaries and bonus features untouched.

Priority 2 – Firefly (The Complete Series)

Coincidentally, Firefly is the show that Tim Minear moved on to after Wonder Falls was canceled. Created by Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel), it is a space western unlike anything else on television…which is probably why FOX (I’m sensing a pattern) decided to axe the series before it got a chance to develop. Everything about it just has an authentic quality to it, and it’s definitely something that everyone should be checking out.

Status: Five episodes in, got sidetracked with other things, watched half a commentary before it got spoilery.

Priority 3 – The Simpsons Season Nine

I didn’t want to pay full price for this late, and therefore uneven, season of The Simpsons, but at about $22 I couldn’t possibly pass it up. There are still some classics here, and it’s a nice diversion to be able to sit down and watch and episode or a commentary quickly. I really wish I had a multi-disc DVD player so I wouldn’t have to switch out the disc.

Status: One disc down, commentary half done on the disc.

Priority 4 – Pan’s Labyrinth

Purchased at Blockbuster along with Children of Men (Which I’ve seen and loved), I have yet to watch Pan’s Labyrinth. It had been sitting on my hard drive for over six months and I just never got around to it. This is depressing for me, and I need to rectify it soon…as long as I get through more TV shows first.

Status: Still in shrink Wrap.

Priority 5 – Dead Like Me: Season One

Another series from Bryan Fuller, Dead Like Me actually got picked up! This was a very cheap purchase, and perhaps the most unknown out of the grouping: I saw commercials, and heard decent things, but it isn’t as hyped as Wonder Falls was. Still, it will be all new to me, which is always a good start.

Status: Out of the shrink wrap, but the discs haven’t been touched.

Priority 6 – Veronica Mars: Season One and Battlestar Galactica Seasons 1 & 2

Veronica was purchased because I wanted to revisit what was a great season of television, and so my Mother could watch it for the first time. Battlestar was purchased so I could do thesis research (Not kidding), and so that people like the Elder (Who currently has parts of season one) could experience it. So, really, these are low on the totem pole for my personal viewing.

Status: Lent, at the moment, to others.

Where will things stand in a few weeks time? Only time will tell.