Every week, I get a large number of hits to Cultural Learnings, my Television Blog for those who I haven’t virally marketed it to. And every week, people tend to find my blog through google searches for various terms. This is always very fascinating for me, since it gives me a glimpse at both what people are searching, and allows me to create wild stories about them. And so, I shall now place this into written form. Every now and then, I’ll pick my five favourite of the past week in order to provide, hopefully, entertainment and wonderment at the new age of internet savvy readers.


My Name is Earl very thin comedy actor

I’m trying to figure this one out: who are they referring to here? My Name is Earl doesn’t have very many actors, but none of them are “very thin”. Are they talking about Crabman? Or someone else? Should we be starting a bulimia watch on the cast?


pirate master sucks

I love searches like this one, where they really have feelings and are searching desperately for people who share them. That’s how a majority of internet communities are created: mutual hatred towards others. In this case, I’m happy to be a part of it, Pirate Master DOES suck.


facebook amy

Amy! For those unaware, a successful Facebook Group forced Amy Kipping to join was instituted earlier this year by yours truly. And, well, I blogged about it. And, apparently, someone stumbled upon it at random. Amy, you’re famous!


Eugolgy for pirate of caribbean

See, this is a great one. I both have NO idea what they were actually searching for (There’s no eulogy in Pirates as far as I’m aware), but the greatest thing is that they were oh so close to nearing Zoolander’s classic “Eugoogly” phrasing. Pure comedy, right there.


where does Shia LaBeouf live?

Shia, look out! Someone is clearly planning on stalking you based on your success in recent films like Disturbia and Transformers, and of course your upcoming role in Indiana Jones 4. The stalkers are always big on Shia: people have been desperately wanting to know if he has a girlfriend for months. Will Shia be able to escape the throng of young girls (And maybe guys, to be equal) who plan on breaking into his house and jumping his bones? Only time will tell.