[On Saturday, the world gathered in front of their televisions to witness what was deemed by the sensationalist CTV/MTV/Much hosts as the world’s biggest benefit concert (I take little said by MTV (CANADA!) personalities seriously, sorry). Live Earth was a tremendous success in terms of airing 24 hours of concert coverage, and there was some strong performances throughout. Was I terribly concerned about the environment during the concert? Nope. The seven things I learned, in fact, have nothing to do with the environment. Consider it my contrarian act of the day, I guess. (Just Kidding: I love you, Environment.)]


Kelly Clarkson‘s new album may or may not be good, but no one wants us to know about it: both NBC and YouTube cut out her new songs and only showed her old ones. At least she’ll be able to tour until the old singles go out of style.

YouTubeKelly Clarkson (Walk Away, Since U Been Gone)


In the epic battle of Kanye West vs. Camera Crane, Kanye West ALWAYS wins. Unfortunately, there is a camera crane mafia that is conspiring to keep the video of their epic battle off of YouTube. Until this situation is rectified, here’s Kanye performing another song from the concert.

YouTubeKanye West (Gold Digger)


You can never, ever have enough bass guitars to perform Spinal Tap‘s Big Bottom.

YouTubeSpinal Tap f. Every Bass Player in the Known Universe (Big Bottom)


The Foo Fighters managed to deliver the best performance of pretty well the entire show, including garnering the best crowd participation. Suck on that, The Police/Madonna.

YouTube The Foo Fighters (Times Like These, Best of You)


Speaking of Madonna, and I wasn’t aware of this, but apparently La Isla Bonita was just crying out for what the Elder refers to as “Spanish Hobos”. In actuality, they’re “Gypsy Punk” band Gogol Bordello. Intriguing, no? No? Oh. Anyways…

YouTubeMadonna f. Gogol Bordello (La Isla Bonita)


Apparently Peter Frampton had his own Rock ‘N Roll Yard Sale recently, because Roger Waters (of Pink Floyd fame) totally bought back his Inflatable Pig and graffiti’d all over it. He was coincidentally preceded on the lineup in New York by Smashing Pumpkins, who of course featured into the Simpsons episode being referenced.

YouTubeRoger Waters (“Another Brick in the Wall”)


Although adding Kanye West to everything seems like a good idea in theory, throwing him into the mix with The Police and John Mayer for a “Message in a Bottle” finale didn’t really gel. So, alas, Kanye West is not the musical equivalent of a magical spice such as Saffron. There goes that theory.

YouTubeThe Police f. Kanye West and John Mayer (Message in a Bottle)