My mother has had to put up with a lot since I started blogging. She’ll often ask if I’ve watched a TV show, to which I’ll reply “Didn’t you read my blog?” She will then growl at me, and likely rightfully so: she shouldn’t have to read my blog to get my opinion on things. She gave me life, the least I can do is give her interpersonal contact on occasion.

So, since today is her birthday, I will actually be wishing her a happy one in person as well (If this is all she got, I believe I would deserve a strangling). However, in case she is to log online before I get a chance to see her, a happy birthday goes out to my Mother. In light of this, your special day, I promise to make sure that you get exclusive rights to any news or opinions before I blog about them for the next 24 hours.  What more could a mother ask for, exactly?