If you’re an Acadia student, you’ve probably heard: in a move that boggles the mind, Acadia is closing Cutten House and re-opening Crowell Tower for the upcoming school year. The official reasoning given is that Cutten is in need of repairs, which is basically the same reasoning given for closing Tower last year (Which is its own problem, but anyways). Now, for better or for worse, the decision was made…but nothing has been made official by the university.

Over at the Facebook group for incoming students, ASU President Kyle Steele has been forced to play damage control of what was really the administration’s blunder. When the decision was made to close Cutten and reopen Tower, did they seriously think that no one would find out? With students still in Wolfville, and through the medium of Facebook, this was bound to break through to the general student population. So why wouldn’t the administration do the smart thing and break the news themselves?

As it stands now, Kyle is having to deal with people bringing up toxic mold (Of course, untrue) and other such crazy rumours because the university has yet to officially disclose that information. He shouldn’t have to be doing that: the university should have made this public immediately to be able to keep such rumours from spreading like wildfire in this new media age.

Now, I understand that Acadia was likely waiting to inform all RAs and residents of Cutten of the switch, but the world doesn’t move that slowly anymore. It has been like that for quite some time, especially not since Facebook came along. Three years ago when they turned Chipman into a Co-Ed Residence quietly over the summer, word leaked out very slowly and gradually. I hate to break it to the Acadia administration, but information doesn’t move that slowly anymore.

I have my own theory as to why Cutten was closed: with enrollment down and less students choosing to live in residence, Cutten would have been so embarassingly empty that they chose to close it to avoid the image of having low enrollment and less students choosing to live in residence. It will also likely cut down on heating costs and the like, and makes a fair amount of business sense.

But it doesn’t make logical sense to students, and for good reason: if Tower was unsafe (Or so was the line given to us, as opposed to the more realistic “We want the cash”), then how is it now more safe than Cutten, which was fine just last year? There is no way this logical fallacy would ever be ignored, so why attempt to hide it? By not communicating with the university population as a whole, this entire situation has spiraled into something more ridiculous than it had to be.

Tower Lives? Ludicrous when you think about it, but I can accept it. But as the news gets purple monkey dishwasher’d throughout the student population and down to first year students? It becomes a cryptic and confusing message that needs to be ironed out as soon as possible.