It is now July, which means that any attempts at getting work done on The Thesis (The subject of File #1) needs to be done during this period. By the time August rolls around I’ll be preparing for RA training and all that entails, so I figure the month of July is when I should get this thing in order. And, after writing up a “Statement of Thesis Intention” and getting the relative thumbs up from K-Whett, my Thesis is officially a go-go.

I’ll be blogging about The Thesis for a few reasons. One is that I think it will help me hash out some ideas: I have done a lot of research in the form of less formal discussions over the past year, and it has been helpful at organizing sources and the like. The second reason is that I want to prove to my parents and the Elder McNutt that I’m actually working on it.

And so, here it is: the working title of what shall end up being an epic Thesis event for the ages. Are you ready?

The Medieval Hero in the Modern Space Epic:

The Journey of Chivalry and Honour from Beowulf to Battlestar (Galactica)

There’s also a general outline, which might be revealed further in future posts. Until now, ponder my insanity.