[It has come to my attention, slowly but surely, that television blogging has taken over my life. Ironically, my response to this is to start another blog. The reason? I want to be able to talk about things other than television. Since not everyone watches television, but might for some reason still find interest in me, the Myles Files has been born.]


File #1 – The Thesis

Slowly taking over my life one nag at a time, “The Thesis” is actually coming together better than I would have expected. I’ve got an outline of sorts of what I want to accomplish, and once I get a response from K-Whet I plan on starting research. Unless he comes back with “You’re insane,” which is entirely plausible considering the content of said outline. We’ll have to wait and see, I guess.

File #2 – The Acadia

They’re closing Cutten and reopening Tower? It appears that Acadia is just begging for me to blog about them. And who am I to ignore them?

File #3 – The Life and Times

Whether it’s work, or news, or anything else that breaks, this shall be the File in which I discuss it.